PEG Instant VISA Virtual Credit Card

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The following general instructions are for getting your Ebay accounts instant approval and activating your account’s seller’s funtions:

You may or may not initally need to furnish a credit card to create an Ebay account. If you are asked to, just enter your PEG card and you’ll pass Ebay’s ID verification.


The following steps show you how to activate your account’s sellers functions.

1. Login to your Ebay account.
2. Click My eBay in the upper right of the welcome screen.
3. Click on Personal Information on the lower left of the screen.
4. Click on Edit in the Checking account section on the lower right.
5. Reconfirm you User Id and Password.
6. Click on Create a Seller’s Account.
7. Enter your PEG card and any address. Make sure your postal code is correct, and then click Continue.
9. Select Credit Card for How to pay your selling fees. Click Continue.
– Congratulations, your account is now seller activated!