PEG Instant VISA Virtual Credit Card

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How do I get my accounts verified? PEG Card is extremely easy to use. Just like using any normal credit or debit card, you will enter the 16 Digit card number, Expiration Date, and if required the 3 Digit CVV.

You can use any address you like because most websites do not have address verification system in place. For any site that requires a verified code or PIN to show up on the card statement, just submit a ticket on our support page indicating that you expect a code or PIN. Please include your email address andPEG Cardcard number

As soon as the verification code or PIN shows up in our system, we will email it to you.

A Complete Virtual Prepaid Card Package will be instantly sent to your email account by our automated delivery system* upon payment confirmation. We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Western Union and MoneyGram. Your VISA backed:

PEG Virtual Prepaid Card package includes:

Instructions for your PEG VISA Card Account

A 16-Digit VISA Prepaid Card Number (US$5 Pre-loaded)

A 3-Digit CVV (Card Verfication Value)

A 4-Digit Card Expiry Date